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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patrick Swayze, Dead Or Not?

 Patrick Swayze, cancer
I just happen to see a post on Digg.com about Patrick Swayze succumbing to death - I was shocked. Now, I’m even more bewildered because after seeing that post I read others saying the exact opposite. Yes...they are sayng he is alive! This is a travesty of “freedom of the press”; this is complete malice on the part of our beloved and trusted media outlets. They figure and we continue to prove that we, the public, love sensationalism; and that we will give attention to all things eye-provoking.
But I think when it comes to prediction of a person’s death, clearly a line has been crossed; and there is no doubt they have crossed that line. They should be ashamed.

"Dirty Dancing":

Dirty Dancing, Johnny Castle, Patrick Swayze

We, the public, enjoy Patrick Swayze and the work he has produced, “Dirty Dancing” being his most memorable, where he starred in the role of Johnny Castle. Now, with his fans having to get used to seeing him battle pancreatic cancer, they have to hear inaccurate reporting and rumors of his death. Horrible...just Horrible!! How can any one treat another, esp. one sick with cancer in this manner, the world is, indeed, dark at times.

There is one thing that Patrick Swayze is teaching and showing us as we observe his trials with this disease - Courage - Patrick Swayze is fighting pancreatic cancer with the courage of a superman. He has faced the media with honesty and bravery; he is a great example of the courage that can found in those with life-threatening diseases. I salute and honor you Patrick Swayze, keep up the fight.

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, movie, film, Dirty Dancing, Johnny Castle

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