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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jason Taylor A Miami Dolphin Again

Yipee... Yes... Yes...my man, Jason Taylor is back home in Miami Florida where he belongs, it was just alittle too cold up there for him. Jason Taylor need the warm, tropical ambience that all us Miami Dolphins require - we don’t function well in cold climates. He took the trip to the Washington Redskins after a dispute with the Miami Dolphins management. It didn’t go well and he decided to leave the Miami Dolphins franchise. It was horrible...horrible news...dang near cried, it was hard for me during that time....so...so...hard.

Bill Parcells

This mess all began a long, long time ago, somewhere back in the year 2008 when my home, Jason Taylor decided to strut his stuff for the world on “Dancing With The Stars”, ah man...what a mistake that was, Miami Dolphins' Bill Parcells went beserk...he was calling for Jason’s head. Hey, read about it here: Jason Taylor in trouble. Yes, it was some mess....a big mess, but where there is darkness, there comes light. Jason Taylor is a Miami Dolphin again... NO JOKE!

Mr. Taylor, the quarterback crusher, has signed once more with my beloved Miami Dolphins...time to go get some tickets...yeah...yeah...we’s about to have some fun, folks... Read about his return here: Jason Returns. See, them Washington Redskins seem to want alittle too much, they fired my dawg...can you believe that? Yep...they did...they sent him packing...those scroundrels. Redskins, I’m shamed of you...y’all just wait...just wait.

Okay, the Miami Dolphins are really back now, Jason Taylor has just solidified that...we needed his skill all last season but now his back...he’s back. YEAH...YEAH..

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