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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Economy Down But We Can Be Up

The economy is down but that shouldn’t be a reason for us to be down. When things are bad we need to use the dire circumstances to strengthen our psychological forces, increase our capacity to make positive change. Now can be a time for personal development and self-improvement. Going around with a frown won’t get us out of the uncomfortable state we are presently in, only a strong resolve to change our nation’s economy will get us to a brighter day. We can all help turn things around, we all can contribute something.

Little things mean alot in times like this - a smile, a hanshake, a kind word - these simple actions can have profound results. Haven’t we all felt a gloomy day turn sunny by the little gesture of an unexpected smile from someone. Yes, I just love when that happens, and I always try to do the same when I’m out about the town, too. The fact is positive actions provoke positive actions, I need not drill you on this fact, we all know it. So, let’s be friendlier...let’s be nicer to each other in these difficult times. Maybe we can quicken this nation’s economic and social upturn by having a more positive and uplifting mental attitude. Let’s try.

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