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Sunday, May 31, 2009

HDTV: A Government Crime!

I’m so mad, this US government has made a deal with cellular telephone companies behind my back? I’m appalled...I’m disgusted, I feel the government has did me in again. How can our government officials do such things over and over? We are just pawns in the government's game, they use us and abuse us...yes, politics is a dirty game.

But this issue - HDTV - is criminal, the deal was done with no public acknowledgement at all. Where was the media? See you can't totally trust the media either...could they be in on the take, too? A good question, huh? A question that needs to be answered. But this high definition television transition is so unfair even if one is financially able to acquired it. By financially able i mean people who can purchase a high definition television, or who can buy a converter box - these people feel no pain in this HDTV transition. How can they? They have the money to do what is needed to continue seeing their televisions.

The crime committed by the US government entails the total failure of implementing a plan that would have insured that all - the rich and the poor - would have access to a public, tax-supported(FCC) upgradation of our airwaves. I and every other citizen should have been given a no cost solution to this transition to a new frequency band. It is obvious that this was done behind closed doors...and now we get to smell the unbearable stitch of the dirty, unfair dealings of our FCC. This is appalling to the upmost. This high definition situation is so...so unfair; in that, it is a tax, public issue. Tell me, if you didn’t have the funds to buy a new tv, or you couldn’t even afford a converter box, would you feel our government was watching out for you? No!! I’m sure you would say that the FCC really let us down this time agree. Yes...we done have to watch television, that’s so true but we all do, and the airwaves are for all us american citizens, and we have the FCC to insure that we all have the right to these airwaves. How can they flip the switch and cut off a good portion of the television viewing public when they are supposed to look out for our interests.

The results of this underhanded agreement will be devastating, many will go without tv...I sorely feel for these people. Many have no access to the internet, many can’t read, many do not have the money that they will need to go along with the coupons the government is issuing. They really messed up this time - greed was forefront in the FCC’s mind this time - they did us in bigtime. I speak mostly for the have-nots, these people are and will suffer from this so unfair circumstance. So many will be without television come June 12, 2009. What an inconsiderate, selfish act on the part of our government and electronics companies. You all get a F, what a horrible way to treat your fellow americans. I have spoken.

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