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Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Letterman Extorted

Here we go again...poor David letterman is going through it again, the headline: “David Letterman Extorted”. I tell ya, Mr Letterman is having a horrible year personally but a good year for his show’s ratings. This incident , just like the Sarah Palin debacle, is keeping his nerves tensed and his Neilson ratings high. A weird two-edged sword, indeed. Now...David Letterman Extorted? He’s apologizing again....man...this stuff is embarassing me and I’m not even on TV. I’m feeling for poor David Letterman, the fella seems to be jinxed lately. If I were him I’d be alittle more cautious, watch my steps...my actions more. David Letterman extorted?... good grief...how much more can the man take.

I tell ya, if Mr. Letterman can’t end this type of activity from haunting him, we might see him leaving television all together. The man’s mental health is at stake...this is the type of stuff that takes people down all the time. David Letterman is normal human just like the rest of us, and he can succumb to these negative situations just like we all can. For Letterman to be extorted, the person had to really want to injure him. David, man, you need to wake up...wake up!!!

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