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Monday, October 12, 2009

E-Trade Baby Commercial

That E-Trade is after my heart and my dollars...have you guys seen those little cute dudes on their commercials? I gotta tell ya....these tiny, little sprouts who I call “The E-Trade Babies”, are a riot. The E-Trade baby commercials are hilarious, I mean you come to feel that maybe these little guys are really talking. The commercials are fantastic, and I for one always stop what I’m doing to view the E-Trade Babies, they are simply irresistible...I’m with the ladies on this one. The two main babies remind you of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, those commercials have me rolling every time. I’m laughing right now thinking about them.

E-Trade, keep up the E-Trade babies skit, it’s working...you’re keeping us in stitches.

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