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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My favorite singer, that irreplaceable, dynamic showman named Micheal Jackson will be performing his last concert by way of filmography tonite when “This Is It” is released. Micheal Jackson from what what I have seen, was on point and full of his magical self when "This Is It" was being created. He looks GREAT! and is performing like we love and expect him to.

“This Is It” will present Micheal Jackson in top form...he was ready to blow us away again. This concert would have put him back into his much deserved entertainment royalty. But we know what happened: Our “King Of Pop” died. Micheal died far too soon... I miss you so much Micheal.

This movie will show the “King Of Pop” at his best, Micheal Jackson will be singing, throwing those exciting, mindblowing moves and thrilling our hearts as only he can do. “This Is It” will start showing at midnite... GET READY EVERYBODY!! The KING is back.

And here, listen to my tribute to him: A Micheal Tribute

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