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Friday, September 18, 2009

President Obama: Is Jimmy Carter Right?

Yes, he said it, former Chief-of-State, Jimmy Carter, said the current president, Obama, is having trouble in office because he is an afro-american. Yep...he went ahead and put it out there, could this man be right? Is the nation really ready for an afro-american President, did we open a can of worms? Something is certainly wrong with racial relations at this time in America - people are seeming to take more allegence to their similar brotheren. It seems to be a trend to me...and this Barack Obama miracle seems to be the direct cause of this new unrest in America...can we get used to a black a president? This is a new phase for all of us and we need to try and listen to each other regardless of skin color. America is , indeed, the world’s “melting pot”, we must continue to get along...this fine country depends on it.

That’s my say so on the issue, what is yours? What are your views? Comment.

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