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Monday, June 21, 2010

Me, The BP Disaster, Lakers And The Rest

GOOD GRIEFFF!! Am I still here? Mayday!!...mayday!!....man overboard!!... Nay, no need for all that....I’m still active. I just went awol from this blog for a minute, same as before(see above post)...sorry peeps, but I been busy. Not time to sleep or eat...really. Running after success takes a lot time and effort. I just couldn’t relinquish my other task, I was so caught up I hardly knew who I was. Well, forgive me...once again, I’m back in the saddle. Glad to see you guys.

While missing, some things have been going on - Gary Coleman of Different Strokes died, BP blew out a oil well, poor fishies, what a shame - yes, I may have been away but I was in tune. And more, the economy is still in the dungeon, the Koreans are fighting - andwhere are the jobs?!!! Oh...and don’t forget about Toyota. We got traitors and terrorist popping up everywhere and they seem to have no remorse, while all the while enjoying the pleasures that America provides. I tell ya, this dear world of ours has quite a bit of negativity circulating around in its veins.

Still, my courageous and viliant fellow Americans, we must more than ever carry on the good fight with optimism, and the assurance of a better tomorrow. As Americans, we know how to defeat bad times...we’ve seen a few. America will win...America must win!!!

Yeah...I hear ya...you glad I’m back. Me too.

Oh...almost forgot this, Cobe Bryant and them L.A. Lakers won again, well...well...