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Monday, April 2, 2007

Two days of marketing

What up, peoples?
I'm just taking a break from two days of straight marketing. I've been studying Google, studying Yahoo, studying everything. As I have said before, marketing must be done if you choose to eat. It can be very hectic and you will need rest after doing it. There is no room for complaining, there is only room for effort. My main thought was centered on selling reproduction rights to my art. I was considering selling some of those rights to printers to use on various items(prints, greeting cards, etc...). Well, it's been days since starting with the thought and I've still not made a decision. This is not something to make a quick judgement on, it is a very important issue in an artist's career. Reproduction rights are not to be given away easily, the artist must be extremely careful in allowing others to reproduce his artwork. I'll sleep better tonight because the issue is now clearer in my mind, and a decision will be made soon. Until next time.

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