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Friday, June 8, 2007

4 Ways To Create A Positive Life

So you had a nightmare last night. The dream was just horrific and it scared the stuffing out of you. Well, I’ve had them too; they are certainly no fun. You wake up so relieved that it was a dream, that you nearly collaspe from the fact. Yes, bad dreams are no fun, they can really darken your day or week but you can defeat them. I’m going to tell you how to destroy those life-stealing mirages and negative thoughts altogether:

1. Don’t go to bed with an over-filled stomach

Yeah, I know you’ve probably heard this one, but it works. Too much work for your digestive system causes a disharmony in the digestive track that will cause slight or great disfunctions in our mental area. The body as a whole is intimately entwined in ways you and I would never suspect. A disharmony here can trigger a disharmony there. Observe this fact: if your back is sore, you will more than likely have a negative view on things in your life. The sore back has effectively influenced your mental state. That sore back - a bad impulse - is speading out to other areas of your life experience that seeming have nothing to do with your back pain, but we all know this is what occurs. So, remember, a comfortable body, a comfortable mind.

2. Don’t let the negative talk of others affect you

This a very hard one but it only requires practice. It will take time but you will succeed if you continue to do it. In the world today people seem to rejoice in the negative aspects of our life experience. This being the case, people feed off the negative vibes others send out. This reminds me of a radio station. A radio station sends out waves to a certain area and they are received or picked up, human beings can act just like radio stations sending out negative talk, and getting others to pick-up this same negative talk. In so doing, the relatively happy individual is soiled by the now negative influence it has unwittingly received and absorbed. Lesson, be on guard for negative conversations from others, be it friends, associates or even family. We all have a right to a peaceful mind. What must be done, must be done in a very unnoticable way, for you don't want the negative party to suspect that you are not into what they're saying. Listen but do not allow their speech to find a home in your mental makeup, turn off your mental ears to it. Always try not to engage in low thought sessions with your friends or anyone else. Protect your mind.

3. Be watchful of the media

Here, we have another big one that if it is controlled will have a very powerful effect on your life experience. Lets face it, television, radio and the like, have far too much influence in our life. Most of us spend a majority of our free time using these mediums. What we don’t realize is that these sources are influencing us in unhealhty ways. Take television for instance; most television shows contain far more negative messages then positve helpful ones. The typical prime-time show presents plenty of problematic, suspenseful plots, but little in the way uplfting scenes to balance out the particular show. This is a formula the media executives have used almost since television began. Now, let's look at radio, radio is even worse than television. The am signals are mostly filled with mean, vulgar and plainly evil talk shows. The fm stations send out nearly all negative and down-grading music. And how about the news? We depend on these companies to supply us with valuable informaton. But the information these sources provide seems to most always be negative - the internet is included here also. So, as you can see, we have to take it upon ourselves and be the guardians of our thought process. We have allowed it to be abused in the past, but we can change this trend with effort. This is the only way we have a chance of turning the negative mental states to positive, healthy thinking. When You see or hear something negative on television, radio, etc., say to yourself, “I will not let this affect my peaceful state of mind”. If this doesn’t seem to work, change the channel.

4. Be careful in what you purchase - Think about your mental well-being

Can you remain in a positive state after listening and/or viewing a certain dvd or cd you have purchased. Think about it - if it causes bad thoughts - is it worth it? Do you want to have to deal with bad thoughts afterwards, thoughts that can color your entire day with low feelings. And add to this that the fact that you paid for it. Not a good feeling, huh? You have paid for a bad time. If the trailer or advertisement for the movie gives you a bad feeling, you can bet that the rest of that film will also leave you in a downed mental state. You do not have to take that from our misdirected entertainment industry. Maybe the sources of this damaging output will stop their ways, and provide more positve, entertaining material but I don’t think that will ever happen. So, refuse to partake in the use of such negative entertainment if it upsets you. Find more positve things and keep a look out for these. You know when you see or hear them, you will have good thoughts instead of those other down trodden impulses that are negative thoughts.

Try all of the suggestions above. Nurture your personal development and self-improvement. Start implementing them today; don’t allow those nasty, evil impulses called “negative thoughts” to ruin your day or night. Be on guard, refuse to let society, with its negative views and ways intrude on your world. Pull yourself together, make a conscious stand, don’t just let the negative win over you. Start fighting those lower impulses today. Sheild yourself and those you love from the damaging effects of negative thought. Refuse to let it rule your existence. Remember to always transform those lower impulses into something higher, and watch your world become a much better place.

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