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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hard being famous

Hello folks,
Ya know what I been thinking? No, this is what I been thinking: fans see me far differently then I see myself. This was a shocking revelation and it continues to bother me. Here I am this super-talented singer, dancer, producer and songwriter among other things. And there you guys are. You all seem to think I’m one of those X-Men. That I can leap buildings in a single bound. I can’t do that, who said that I could? You believed that? Seriously though, I do have a hard time dealing with stardom. The only time I enjoy lights, camera, action is when I’m performing or creating music. When I’m not performing or making music, I’m just like everybody else. Sure you say but so is Clark Kent. I’m not going to win this discussion am I?

Well, how about this one: somebody has to make the music, so why not me? Got you there didn’t I? Okay, let me be real. I love that others find me and my music skills interesting. And that they are willing to purchase the fruits of my musical labor. But what about the intrusions into my personal life: I can’t go to the grocery store; I can’t go to the movies; I can’t go to the mall. Now, do you understand what I mean? I need privacy too. So be gentle with me, OK. Bye for now.

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