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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Halloween Can Help You Face Your Fears And Have a Happier Life

“The Halloween Method For Change”

Here it is again, that scary and gruesome holiday we call “Halloween”. Yeah, here comes the ghosts, the vampires, the monsters, and all the negative vibes that come along with this last day in October. This being the case, I propose a plan of action - my “Halloween Method For Change” - a method that uses the negative theme and frightfulness of this holiday as a helpful tool in our day-to-day lives. It will turn Halloween into a positve force for personal development, instead of just an entertaining event.

Turning A Negative Holiday Into A Positive Event

As we know and love, Halloween is about dressing up in scary costumes and faces and receiving gifts(candy for kids and gifts for adults). I propose that we can utilize the negative faces, dress and horrific nature of this occassion as a catalyst for creating a more positive and less intimidating and fearful existence. How can this be done? Read On.

The Method: Using Halloween For Personal Development And Self-Growth

Step 1.

    You must accept and see that Halloween is not just about dressing up and having fun. You must observe the obvious qualities of this scary, and therefore, deceptively negative holiday. Yes, its outward appearance is that it is this sweet, fun celebration, leaving us little concern for any negative effects. But we all know that Halloween adds a quiet, lowering impulse to our mental well-being during the time it is among us. So, step #1 consists in realizing the negative essence of Halloween - admitting that it is rooted in the negative.

Step 2.

    This part will call for a deep analysis of your mental states and way of life. This step asks that you take the frighting, creepy masks and costumes you wear and others wear as representing the various negative attitudes, thoughts and emotions you experience in your life, for example:

      The Werewolf could represent all those wild, uncontrolled thoughts, emotions and actions you experience throughout your day, whether at work or at home.

      A zombie, this dull, unaware creator can easily stand for those trivial and hurtful mistakes you make when you fail to be alert and observant. When like a zombie, you kind of sleep-walk, not seeing life fully.

      Frankenstein could represent your unwillingness to be a decision-maker, your fear of leadership. This monster can represent your thought and actions that always result in your following the desires of others and not yourself - your own initiative.

    Performing this task requires a whole new way of viewing Halloween - it can, if done improperly, cause a dislike of the holiday. That is not the goal of this exercise, the goal of this exercise is to turn the negative qualities of Halloween to your advantage, not ruin the fun associated with it. What will change is your awareness of the evil and negative influence of the celebration. From now on, you won”t let its lower impulses affect your mental well-being, but use them to help in your personal development and self-improvement.

Step 3.

    Master this step and I can guarantee you a happier life. This step will need all of your dedication to succeed. You are bound to fail inyour early attempts to change your negative thoughts and habits but I assure you that eventually your thought patterns will become much more happy and serene. But to get here you must attack and confront those frighting masks and disguises - make a totally, all-out effort to throw these mental impulses(the ones represented by the masks and the costumes) out of your mind - be vigilant and refuse them entry into your mental palace. They must become dreaded enemies of your mental kingdom and fought at every point - never allowed entrance. You must try to prevent negative thought and behavior from influencing you day in and day out. As I said above this is a hard and demanding part and will require your complete determination. Succeed here and like magic your life will change for the better. This step asks alot, but it also gives alot. Remember your desire for a better life.

Step 4.

    Don”t allow your mind to start hating Halloween - Halloween is a lot of fun, and you should continue to join in the celebrations. Your only concern will be the impure and down-grading thought patterns that can results from the images and behavior of those enjoying the holiday. No longer will you see those scary masks and costumes as innocent disguises. Now you will be using them to face and represent harmful thoghts, emotions and acions you want to destroy in your life. They will represent all of the light and harmony-draining influences in your existence.

Make A Change

Having read my “Halloween Method For Change”, you are now armed with a technique to increase enjoyment and happiness in your life. Put all your desire and determination into this plan for personal development. and self-improvement. Choose to change your life this Halloween.

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