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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Barack Obama: Yes, You Are Black

Did you see my man, Barack Obama the other night? He and Mrs. Clinton bumped heads. I thought I might have to break it up, talk about cats and dogs. Now, as we know, Senator Barack Obama is accomplishing things that a black man has never accomplished before. He is showing the world something new and taking the negro race right along with him. I’ve been watching this man, still watching him, but he definitely deserves my praise.

That debate the other night caught my attention, all I could say was - Go Barack Obama! - represent “homeboy”. He showed some hood and I saw and felt the “struggle” this black man is going through loud and clear. Mrs. Clinton is also under pressure being a woman but her’s is a different fight, an easier fight, Barack Obama is a BLACK MAN, this is a hard thing to be.

Senator Barack Obama is showing he ain’t scared - he’s talking and showing his “hood” knowledge - black people come in many shapes and sizes intellectually. Barack Obama, you are doing just fine and looking real good.

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