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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Secret Revealed: Why The Rolling Stones, The Eagles And Other Bands Are Back!

Older bands and older singers are more popular than the current ones. Why? I know why - recording artist like The Rolling Stones, The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles have something our current entertainers don’t: musical talent.

With the music industry's current ‘bring’m in, throw’m out’ mentality, what more could you expect? What the present music scene needs it exactly what these individuals provide: real good music. They give you creativity, musical ability, along with excitement - the very things the music industry is missing today. Trying to find decent music on the radio today can be a challenge, it can really bring a music-lover(like myself) to anger - good music is just simply hard to find on many a radio station. One has to go to the oldies or 70s, 80s radio stations. This is a crying shame, I’m sure you agree with my view on this.

Think on this: The Eagles made a song called “Hotel California”, it is a true gem, we know all the words to this masterpiece of a song. Now, tell me of a few recordings you know of now, current hits, that can stand up to that Eagle’s musical creation. Yep, you had to think for awhile didn’t you? The sorry material coming out of the present-day state of the music industry is testamount to a conspiracy, we all know the record business can do better. Now their up in arms over the low sales of cds - as if we the public were fools - we know bad music when we hear it. The music world needs to change; go back to true talent; great songwriting; great production and then it will see a turnaround.

It’s so nice to see recording artist from decades gone by in the limelight again. Musical giants like Led Zeppelin, The Police and The Rolling Stones bring along with them - showmanship, character, originality and most of all - really good music. Most of the present-day singers and bands could learn alot from these music world icons - that they(again, most of them, not all) are a far cry from these distinguished artist.

Leave a comment, what do you think?

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The Knitter said...

Well Written Article. I remember a report from a few years back about the Spice Girls complaining of exhaustion after a 40 minute performance ...... of lip-syncing. And these girls have just reformed! Why Bother! You can't beat good LIVE music. May The Stones Roll Forever.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Yeah knitter, today's so-called entertainers(most, mind you) are just sad. Who would have thought the day would come when an audience would have to endure lip-syncing - I couldn't imagine treating my fans(customers) like that. But that is the current state of the industry. The record executives need to think of these type of issues, they really are out of sync with the public. And yeah, contest: Spice Girls vs. The Stones...Whose wins? I know you know the answer.

Mandy said...

Hummm, I wonder why games like Guitar Hero and the other one mostly have older rock songs? Because, they ROCK. As far a radio stations go, they just aren't what they used to be =( I rely on the trusty CD player in my car or a MP3 player. Great post and welcome to Entrecard =)

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Thanks for commenting mandy. Yeah, there used to be a lot of talk about "guitar wars" back in the day(Journey, Van Halen, etc.). I love the present video game commercial featuring Slash, so things aren't completely dead. Quality has a way of rising to the top. I see you know how to aviod sick radio stations - I like your evasive skills. Entrecard is proving to be a good find, thanks.

Bonez said...

I fully agree with you, Glendell. I sincerely believe that some of the music you mention (and others) may well be remembered a hundred years after it's creation. Can the same thing be said about any of the American Idol and Disney star created crap like the Hanna Montana, Britney and the rest of their ilk. Doubtful. Part of the problem is also that the industry has made "looking good" one of the skill prerequisites to be being a singer/rock star. Sex and rock and roll meant something different "back then" :)

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Ooh Tony, you hit that on the nail, those are exactly my thoughts on the issue. Glamour has become the central point in the marketing of artist, not musical ability. And this ais a very bad thing. Again Tony, we agree totally.

Anonymous said...

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