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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Talking About Self-Growth: Fake Teachers

You know them, their on television, on your AM dial, their everywhere and you continuously try to implement their false regimens. Just like those odd, unsafe and uneffective diet plans we are bombarded with, we are constant targets for worthless self-growth and self-improvement courses and plans.

The only defense for these self-help and personal development gurus is a clear mind. The very thing so-called self-growth teachers and preachers promise to give you with their books, lectures and instructions. These smiling and clever individuals are quite aware that their teachings are in most cases totally valueless but fame and money are too attractive for them to resist. That being so, these fake and in many cases, misguided souls are more than willing to sell you a bill of goods. But if you listen with attention and use your reason , you will see that most of these teachers of self-growth are just actors. They say what they think you want to hear.

Self-growth as it is taught today is like taking a pill - they say change comes instantly - and just like magic you get a better life. Today’s personal development gurus love teaching that your live experience can be transformed quickly - and seeming with little effort on our part. This is a LIE - man is not some type of computer - with replacable parts - that if replace all will function properly. But this is what the majority of self-growth instructors claim.

For any self-improvement regimen to succeed, a person must observe themselves and really see how they function in their day-to-day lives. This and only this will assure insure a clear analysis of their mental structure - shredding light on problems. Our minds have all to do with the way we handle issues in our lives. Start with your precious mind first, it should be your starting point.

Now the self-growth industry says stop being negative; stop being jealous; stop being sad but to accomplish these things requires determination and a will of iron. Our minds are powerful and we can’t just say we will change and then like magic we are new and improved. Sad but that's what our self-growth teachers are saying at every opportunity.

To improve your life remember that which is making the decisions - your mind - and make a sincere effort to change the way it acts and react - then you will began to enter true personal development. Things promised by the so-called self-improvement gurus will start to appear in your life. Your life will become more manageable, more enjoyable. Your mental makeup will have changed making your experience more in line with your goals. This awaits you but it will require determination, again determination.


Unknown said...

I completely agree. People are simply too lazy to pull themselves out of the rut that they're in, so they want others to do it for them.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Excellento, excellento, and I agree with that leon, people want change, but whoo if they have to pay a price for it. Pushing a boulder up a hill requires effort.