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Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Hatred Of Novels Make You A Good Artist


Growing up I read nothing but comic books. I didn’t understand books like novels; I just didn’t understand why someone would want a book that had no pictures. My take was that - you only read such books because you had to - like in school - a math book or something. I just didn’t get the idea of reading pages and pages of words and novels were at the top of my don’t do list. See...an artist is a visual being, we see life in pictures(Sperry found we use another side of the brain...interesting), pictures we later paint or draw. Now, of course, things are certainly different but back in the day you couldn't have caught me with one of those hated “novels”.


Ya know, growing up is something else, you just can’t believe how you change mentally and physically over the years. I remember going to high school dances and skating rings; excuse me, skating rinks, for the politicly correct, and thinking my big brother, Preston(he used to drop me off to the rink), was surely missing out on all the fun...the music and the girls. Only to to have to grow up and find out that he could have been partying harder than me. You know, tighter dresses, alcohol, etc...I found out that the places he went to were hyper and more interesting than my hang-outs and he never told me. Why? Because I was too young, too wet behind the ears, as the grown-ups put it.

disco ball

You see what I mean? Youth does have its disadvantages - no doubt. So, back then I ran from any book or text that didn’t contain pictures or alot of pictures. By the way, Britney Spears is starting to make me a little crazy!(Britney Spears, if you’re reading this - remember I love ya baby) - do you know she will be appearing in the next episode of what ever that show's name is..sorry, ya’ll know the name of the show. See? This blog is “Live”, I give it to you raw baby. No fake hear, it's totally real baby. Good post, huh?

So long live comic books, man couldn’t have created a better thing for a young artist. Nearly every artist grew up loving comic books, of that I’m sure. All my art-inclined friends draw out of comic books; they all had a stack of roach attracting(I hope that didn’t shock my sweet little female blog readers, but the truth is what I speak...ya’ll a be alright).

And while I’m at it, I’d like you guys to know who my favorite comic book illustrator(back in the day I called them drawers) is, his name is John Buscema. He is a Marvel Comics artist, I followed him for years - he illustrated “Conan The Barbarian”. Oh man...I learned so much from this guy, he wrote a book too, “How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way”:

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Just remember, comic books make excellent artist and save the novels and texts for later. Right artist...you wit me? Comic books RULE!


Unknown said...

So you're saying I shouldn't roll my eyes when my son ONLY seems to pick books with pictures every other page because he might grow up to be an artist?


I shall try. At least he's reading, LOL.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

hello sweetness. Well...I'm being a little bias, thinking solely from an artist mentality. You see, angelika, we artist see everything in a picturistic(is that a word?)way, if your son draws then believe me, he really isn't into reading - I sure wasn't. But I was a good reader...I mean, I did good on my lessons. Like him I just always wanted to draw. We are the "doodalers" everyone knows one - we sometimes do it on top of our biology text book.

But actually few kids like to read a lot, we all have to learn to love reading. We all have to learn how important reading is...esp. the artistic folk. He will come to respect the "word".

What I meant is that by favoring images(an these are usually illustrations, not photographs) a young artist subconsciously is training himself to render accurate shapes, to work with a pencil or paint, to utilize composition - all this an more a young artist is learning by observing another, more skilled artist's work. Angelika, I but your son likes illustrations far more than photographs, and I just gave you the reason why.