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Friday, April 4, 2008

Mariah Carey Is Into Personal Development And Loving It

"Touch My Body"

What did I say in this post?: Mariah Carey Does It Again!, go read it again. Yes, I predicted this current episode of Mariah Carey’s success, it just goes on and on. I said that “Touch My Body” was going to be big, and it is at the top of the charts. My baby Ashanti, keep your head up...you are due for a comeback too, take some time to study Miss. Carey. She has a strong will(she must be into personal development), I like that; she refuses to lose. Ashanti - stay positive baby. Alright, this post is about Mariah Carey isn’t it? So read about what she went through here: Bad news for Mariah.

Mariah Carey's "Glitter"

As we know, Mariah Carey was written-off after the unsuccessful “Glitter”, an album and movie that just didn’t go over well, it shocked the industry and Mariah Carey herself. But boy, how things have changed? She’s back to breaking records and things, Mariah Carey is totally back ya’ll; she’s done it again with “Touch My Body”; I for one knew she would return to her glory, she seems to always give her best, that is what personal development and self-growth is all about: doing your best and overcoming your failures and obstacles. Mariah Carey has made it through her so-called breakdown after the “Glitter” debacle and now she is flying high. Take note peeps, this woman is tough, no doubt. She has triumphed. Alright Mariah.

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