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Monday, December 8, 2008

Me, Redbubble, Cafepress and Artwork

Hello...Helloo...back in town...WHUOOO...I been busy. Oh, yeah, thank you all for helping me become #7 and #36 on the charts over at sounclick.com. Much LOVE! Now, about the business at hand, I’m in a artsy mood and so I’m going to talk about my art. Since I been away, I have been producing artwork like crazy...and created some interesting pieces. Artwork comes through me the same way that music flows into me, it just appears and demands my attention. A joy...just total joy.

Also, in my travels, I’ve discovered some new websites to present and sell my art on. One is Redbubble.com, I love this art site, it’s well put together and has some nice items and services for us artists. Redbubble it's also a good place for art lovers of every age, they have posters, art prints, mugs, t-shirts and more. Another one is Cafepress.com, this is the big one, it’s been around forever and by far, has the most visitors. So if art is what's on your mind for a Christmas gift, check out these websites.

Well, I’m now selling my artwork on both sites. Below is some of t-shirts I’m selling, hope you like them:
Buy It! Redbubble.com

And here, a Christmas design:

Buy It! Redbubble.com

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