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Saturday, January 10, 2009

DIME TIME: Rihanna

This is that beautiful, Rihanna, wow...what a beauty. As the world now knows, Rihanna has had a little trouble with her financies. Being in the public’s eye, your bisness can easily become everyone’s business....it’s the nature of the beast called the entertainment business. But Rihanna must have expected this....she’s been in the music business for a minute.

That’s one of the reasons I am not completely with the entertainment bis or business, and it’s the primary reason I wouldn’t be in this show business gig if I didn’t truly LOVE it. And from the looks of things, Rihanna is in love with it too - she continues to stay grindin’ - Rihanna refuses to lose. This babygurl just won some American Music Awards...DAMN!, Rihanna you FINE!!! If she doesn’t marry Chris Brown, I’ma marry this dime. Please, folks...don’t tell my Ashanti...OK????

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