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Monday, March 30, 2009

Prince’s New Album, “LOTUSFLOW3R” - Only At Target

I saw the commercial...I couldn’t believe my eyes...I couldn’t believe my ears...Prince is Prince again with this new joint: LOTUSFLOW3R! When I heard that guitar...I knew it was my homie...I was immediately taken by the strong, electrifying plucking and jagging of the guitar strings... Yes...Yes...it was him, the one and only “PRINCE” and he was back, he was back to the Prince I love and know. This Prince sounds like the original, firey rock/funkmaster I partied with years ago. Prince is back to the singer, the musician I raved about because of his earliest albums. Prince is sounding GREAT!!!

His new sounds are only being sold at Target, so if you don’t shop at Target, please reconsider. Reconsider because if my ears got it right - Target has a “heater” on its hand - this album is Prince at his best. “LOTUSFLOW3R” ain’t no joke. Prince seems to have returned to his true musical genius, the music should put him back into royal status...the Target commercial simply blowed me away...simply blew me away. Prince...sounds like you back, man...you sound like you back.

Where it all began, Prince's first album: "For You"

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