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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Micheal Jackson’s Death, Google And Social Networking Sites

The “King of Pop”, Micheal Jackson has had an amazing and upheaving effect on many of the most popular social networking sites around, and even Google. His untimely death has sparked an unrelenting request for everything with Micheal Jackson on it, or about him. His fans are buying his records and according to at least one well-known site, Twitter, communications called “tweets” about him have shut the site down a few times. Other social networking sites are experiencing similar situations. Google has also been struggling to process Micheal Jackson requests. Micheal Jackson is hot and the world-wide community is showing it.

Our “King of Pop” is gone but we will always remember his talent through the beautiful music he left behind. Micheal Jackson is a legend and his music and dancing will definitely stand the test of time. Social networking sites are benefiting from his death at the moment, but let us not forget his great contribution to american music and entertainment. Now, I leave you all with your own fond memories of this magnificent recording artist.

Also, take a listen, click on the mp3 player on the right, in the sidebar and hear my Micheal Jackson Tribute. Enjoy!

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