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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Some thoughts on framed art" is getting attention

My article "Some Thoughts On Framed Art" is still being posted by interested parties. Go read it later at: ezinearticles.com in the arts and entertainment section. Don't be afraid to read it, it won't bite you. It's getting posted more and more. I'm quite proud of my creation. The article talks about our relationship to framed art and its' effect on our lives. This a subject I know extremely well and I felt I wanted to say a few things. Art isn't just a hobby in my world, it is life itself - I can't exist without it. When I'm producing artwork I can feel the paper, I feel the paint, I merge with the hues and colors, the graphite of the pencil. Yes, dear one, art is definitely my life. Don't believe me? GO NOW, GO RIGHT NOW to my website at: members.aol.com/framedartnow. There you will see amazing framed art. So there you have it, I've given you guys some things to check out. Good Bye for now.

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