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Friday, May 11, 2007

The subjects in my art prints

Art prints are a great way to buy art. You can have a piece of art at a much lower price that is identical to the original painting or drawing. That piece will have the same quality and effect as the higher priced piece. But it will not have the same resale and auction value as the original artwork. You still get a work of art that makes your surroundings more interesting. A plain wall will be brought to life with the right piece of art. An art print will most certainly accomplish this goal. On my website: Framed Art you can buy art prints that I created, go there and you will see some amazing artwork. When creating a painting or illustration I try to capture the feeling that a given subject projects. For instance, my "Red Is Sweet"(shown above) art print gives one the feelings of country life, of farm life. My artwork always provokes a feeling each and everytime. Anyone who views my art comes away with a feeling that is transmitted through the art itself, the images were chosen for a precise effect. Enjoy the art in life. 'Til next time.

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