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Thursday, June 21, 2007

List Of 6 Ways To Be Less Dependent On Google

Think about it, with Google’s ever-changing algorithms, how can you feel secure about the ranking of your website? It may be looking good in its SERPs(search engine results pages) today, but how about after the next algorithm update. Can you really expect that your site to have that same position or better? Many website owners and their webmasters are finding Google and its page ranking procedures to be quite confusing. They are finding unexplained and unexpected changes in the positioning of their websites in the Google search engine database. Some owners are finding their once high-ranking site much lower in the the Google SERPs after one of search engine's periodic algorithm updates. This usually means a big reduction in the website’s revenues which means lower sales and possible failure of their business.

Google holds the fortunes of most websites in its hand, and with its constant algorithm updates who can be sure of their website’s search engine results? The smart businessman would be wise to look beyond Google as his sole means of business promotion. For if he or she fails in this area; they will most certainly have a business casualty. All business people should be researching other means of marketing to insure a successful business endeavor online.

That being said, Google is not the only way of gaining exposure for your website. You can implement strategies that will lessen the ability of the Google giant to control your internet venture. These techniques do require effort, but you can master them with patience and determination. Here are some of the most effective ways to get visitors and potential customers to your website:

    1. Forums - forums are a great way to acquire targeted traffic to your web presence. Forum participants are people with interests similar to yours. In a forum you will be able to engage in discussions on subjects related to your business. You can network with individuals knowledgeable about the field you are in. These people can and will provide helpful information on topics of interest to you. You can also share your knowledge with the group. Some may become customers or mentors; overall, you are sure to make contacts and get visits to your site. To get visitors, remember, you need to include your website’s URL in your signature(your name or I.D. with your company’s URL included) when you post a comment.

    2. Email - put your signature on all of you email correspondence. This is a nice way to promote your site in a very subtle and effective manner. The recipient will almost always take notice of your included web address and go to those emails if ever desiring to contact your site. The email will serve as an unnoticable marketing tool.

    3. Online classified ad sites - place classified ads with various online classified ad sites. Sites like Craigslist.com can be used to generate traffic to your website by presenting products and services you have to thousands of potential customers. Be sure to look into these, for some of them are totally free.

    4. Reciprocal linking - get backlinks from other sites in your field. Find sites that provide similar products and services to yours, but it’s best to make sure these products and services don’t directly compete with what you provide. That may not always be possible but always try to do it that way. Less competition is always good. If this can’t be done, just remember, a link from a site in your category will most certainly be of value to your website. You could receive visitors from your link on their site. So, be willing to cross-promote with other websites, it usually turns out as a benefit to your site and vice-versa.

    5. Social community sites - this is one of the single most effective new developments on the internet landscape. These sites are sprouting up all over the world-wide web. New and interesting communities are being created constantly, with people gathering to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, from animal care to WAHM (work at home). Joining these groups you a sure to find many like-minded people who will become your internet friends.You can receive helpful advice, and entertaining conversation on these social sites. Myspace.com, Mybloglog.com, Mylot.com, Facebook.com and others, are getting lots of visitors and are growing larger day by day. Get in and get connected.

    6. Bookmarking sites - sites like Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com and Reddit.com can send you literally thousands of visitors. There are webmasters who specialize in producing information and articles to submit to these sites in an effort to promote their websites. An enticing piece of information on one of these sites will cause a stream of prying eyes to your website. Some of the visitors will continue to visit your site which can mean a constant improvement in your site’s readership. Register with them and see an increase in your site’s popularity.

Now, as you can see - there are ways to get around Google. It can be done, but you are going to have to work to make it happen. Google is a very valuable giant to have on your side, and we all know that. But letting this giant control the total well-being of your website can be foolhardy. As I’ve said above: Google updates its methods of calculating search engine rankings constantly. You are, therefore, at its mercy regarding your website’s visibility - you maybe sitting high in the SERPs today - but what about tomorrow? Do the things suggested above to insure a more controllable website marketing future for your business. Use the information and enjoy the rewards!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Good post you have here...yeah, sometimes sites or blog too dependent on Google Ranking or PageRank...you've given us other way to make our blog known to others...thanks again man...