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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Hilton Feels Like A New Woman

Paris Hilton, our favorite little heiress, just got through one of the toughest times in her young life. She had to deal with the results of one of her decisions; as well as, with the justice system's decisions - whose decisions didn’t agree with her's this time. Miss Hilton surely was not ready for this turn of events. She is a very high member of society - imprisonment, you must be kidding. But that was the reality she received, even the public was shocked to hear that Paris Hilton was going to jail. They said, ” Paris is going to jail, really?”. Yes, loyal subjects, Paris went to jail and made it out. Go Paris!!

Now, Paris has to confront the waiting world, everyone wants to see her. Did you catch her grand release from the jailhouse? It was lights, camera, action. Hollywood loves Paris Hilton and Paris Hilton loves Hollywood. What posture, what grace - that was Paris, that was Miss. Paris Hilton - the little rich girl. This lady has captured the minds of this nation, even the world. Paris Hilton is a real international star if there ever was one. Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor . Now we have Paris - the poor little rich girl. Move over Richy Rich, Paris is back among us.

Paris is a true celebrity, we have given her the stamp. She is the hottest news story. Everybody wants to know what Paris is doing, what Paris is thinking, where is Paris? - we want Paris, Paris. Why do we want Paris Hilton? Do we know why we want Paris in our minds? Not really, Paris just gives us something to talk about, something to gossip about, and Paris never, ever lets us down. Miss Hilton, you fill some type of void in our otherwise boring lives; Paris you give us entertainment. Paris entertains us - we say she annoys us and that we shouldn’t care - but we do, we do care. Paris Hilton you give us a show that never seems to end, and for that we applaud you. Do what you do Paris, don’t you stop girl. Miss Hilton you are definitely a celebrity, we have accepted you into our homes, into our lives. You are that guest who never seems to leave.

Okay, she’s out, now what? Will she change, can she change? We all will be watching what Miss Hilton’s next move is. Can she obey the rules like the rest of us mortals or will she continue to dance to a different beat? Paris the world is watching your every move, what will you do? Paris will you revert back or will we see a new and strange Paris? This is the question that we all will be waiting for you to answer. Paris Hilton we’re watching you.

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Glendell-The Art Master said...

Oh Paris, Paris, how we miss you!

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