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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is Micheal Jackson Still The King Of Pop?

I say, yes without a doubt. Did you see the World Music Awards? Did you see Beyonce? Chris Brown’s rendition of Thriller? The audience’s uproar when hearing the name “Micheal Jackson”. Did you hear what that Guiness World Record official said about him, “Micheal you are the most recognized person in the world”, the official said before giving him the award for Thriller, the world's biggest selling album, with more than 104 million copies sold world-wide. Now the big one: we were told that Micheal Jackson is documented to have sold over 750 million records. Folks, I don’t know about you but in my book, that means Micheal is, without a doubt, the “King of Popular Music”. Thrller alone would almost give him that title. Those are unbelieveable numbers. He was a record company all by himself - with help from his brothers - The Jackson 5.

The audience and the world-wide viewers loved seeing Micheal Jackson, and he really seemed to enjoy the acknowledgement of his accomplishments. That night, Micheal Jackson received a long awaited honor. I enjoyed the presentation along with the rest of the world.

Now, what about his current status, we only seem to honor him but give him no record sales. That is the strange part - but is it? Micheal you have been a little careless with the handling of your personal life. You’ve allowed the media to get into your personal life, and that is usually a bad decision. The world doesn’t know what took place in your home, but it has its opinions. You invited this negative attention into your personal life. You cannot blame the media this time. Micheal Jackson is the most exciting performer, but he has been a little sloppy with his public image for years and this has damaged his career. Can he regain his status in the entertainment industry? I say he can but he needs to go deep, deep within his music ability and bring it all out. This I feel is the only way.

Micheal Jackson I leave you with this: You have a long road to climb but you’ve done it before - give us that superstar we love and you’ll rule your kingdom once again.

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