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Monday, July 2, 2007

Painting with pastels

Hello there,
As a little boy, we didn’t have much to spend on art. So pastels were my oil paints. They were cheaper and you could get the same effect as an oil painting if you were talented enough. There was no wet mixing, it was like using a pencil, only much bigger. And the pastels messed up your hands. This early training with pastels has developed, and now I am an expert in using the pastel medium. Pastel are very user-friendly, unlike paints. They're a little messy but they are easy to apply. I love the pastel medium.

Using pastels is similiar to using a pencil or charcoal. They are all graphite based and they all give you the same feel when using them. Drawiing a line with a pencil feels the same as doing it with a pastel, you feel the same pressure in application as with a pastel. Like a colored pencil pastels come in colors, but with pastels you can blend or mix the colors. This is harder to do using colored pencils. As I said above, pastels can be made to look like an oil painting, but to get that effect you will have to become a master at pastel color mixing. This is something I’m an expert at and can blow your eyes away with. Yes, many times I choose to render artwork in pastel instead of paints. I have no problem with oil, acrylic or any other wet medium, it’s just that I have a special place in my heart for dry mediums. I came up using dry media - pencil, charcoal and pastel - for that was the most economical for us. I love using pastels in the production of framed art pieces.Try pastels; they are a wonderful medium. Bye folks.

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