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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Enjoy this July the 4th!!

Hi there,
Well, we made it - see, it's not so bad - we made it to another 4th of July. Paris Hilton, terrorist attacks aside, we made it to another glorious independence day. We should be very proud of ourselves and this wonderful nation we have created. When celebrating this day lets think about what being an American really means to us. Let's celebrate that Freedom that we all so willingly enjoy. We got through 9/11 still intact as a nation, still loving and strong. Yes America, we will survive, we will continue to be the freedom-fighters of the world. The world will always need a strong leader and we americans will always be ready. So on this July the 4th be proud of your nation and its total independence. We faught for it, we died for it and now we celebrate it with pride. ENJOY THIS 4TH OF JULY AMERICA!!!

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