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Saturday, July 7, 2007


So you want to be the next Elvis or Stevie Nicks, huh? I’m going to show you how. Many people would like to become a rock star, this is a dream of the talented as well as the untalented(the majority of us). But most are aware that we could never become an Elvis or a Stevie Nicks. Most of us know we should never approach a microphone or attempt to persue a career in the competitive music world. Being a successful recording artist isn't an easy task. There are many important things that must occur in order to make a living as a recording artist. The obsence of these requirements is what separates the successes from the failures. This article will shade some light on the secrets of becoming a success in the music business, read these steps carefully:

1. Be able to sing - come on, I hope you were not thinking of doing the American Idol thing, were you? The voice is the center piece, the glue that holds every thing together. What kind of rock star are you going to be if you can’t sing? Listen to your records, listen to your cds, listen to the radio - what do you hear? You hear someone singing. A rock star must be able to sing. At least the people on American Idol attempt to sing, though most contestants never should have tried. Talk about public humiliation. So understand from the beginning that you need to be able and ready to show your vocal skills.

2. Charisma - this is also called “stage presence” and these artists: Micheal Jackson, the Beatles, Mic Jagger, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Prince, the Jackson 5, Elvis - all have or had it. They all are must see acts. These people, are all show-stoppers. Energy seems to be their middle name, and their singing ability is exceptional. Okay, Mic’s vocal skills aren’t the greatest, but the way he uses the little that he posesses is so amazing, Mic’s style of singing is so powerful that you don’t mind that his voice isn’t the most melodic. Some artist just have that attention grabbing presence. We feel them and we are attracted to them, even when they are no the most talented vocally - they simply have that something.

3. Music - what does your music sound like? Are the songs harmonic? Do the instruments combine in a pleasing way? Is the timing on the tracks correct? Can you hear that bass track clearly? Is that guitar solo being presented the way you want it to be? Is the lead vocal coming in with the energy that you planned? These items and more must enter your mind when making a song that potentially millions of people will hear. Now, I'm sure you are starting to see that making music is hard work. This is the part that the music industry and the recording artists themselves rarely talk about. These are the things that shock nearly every novice singer or music act. This is the unknown part of what is called “the music business”. Every successful recording artist will tell you that there is hard work involved before, and along with the “glamour” that the world sees. Again, make sure your songs are as complete and perfect as you can make them. If you can’t do the things I just spoke about, you will have to find persons who can do them. This usually requires money. This is a big problem for most beginning recording acts. It is a major cause of failure. If you can’t write songs, you can't play instruments - you are going to have to hire those who can in most cases. They are what are known as “songwriters” and “producers”. Your task is to find them and make music. See, I told you it wasn’t easy. Not easy at all.

4. Management - As I spoke above, making it in the music business isn’t easy and requires hard work. You will need to conduct yourself in a professional and business-like manner. Either you or another individual will have to manage your music career. Finding a good manager is like finding gold in the recording industry. A manager takes care of the income part of your career, he makes sure that you are making money. He will check on the progress of your album; he will talk to the record company; he along with the record company will get you concerts and talk with promoters; he will make sure you have the things you need to make that Billboard chart-topping album, and a lot of times he is the person who starts your career by getting you that all important thing called a “record deal”. These are the services a good manager performs for his client, and he is paid a percentage of your income for this. It may take you awhile to hook-up with a real one, so don’t get discouraged. He will show up sooner our later if you have talent. If you can make money for him. Just remember - the music business is a legitimate business and a real business.

5. Determination - this is the whole thing, this one word is the key to your success in the recording industry. Capture this element and success will more than likely follow. Determination means being totally focused on making it in this industry, believing in yourself, believing in your talent, persuing a music career in the face of obstacles. You must have a no giving up attitude, they will say “You won’t make it”, you must feel deep within yourself that you will and must make it. Many talented people after failure on shows like Star Search and even American Idol give up on the music business. You must say,“I won’t succumb to my fears, I’m going to succeed in this industry, I must succeed”. This is the true key to a successful recording industry career. You’re going to need determination at every step in your career. Show determination and the music industry will eventually notice you and the music-buying public will also notice you.

This article is just like a shining light. The information it provides is truly priceless. If you are contemplating a career in the music world, this is an article made for you. It comes from one who is living it everyday. I, the author, stand behind every word in this article and I give these gems out freely to all my fellow music lovers and creators. Apply what you can, reread it often and apply some more. It will become a light showing you the way. Let it give you inspiration and show you the way to a wonderful music industry career.


Praveen said...

This is a great article.
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Glendell-The Art Master said...

calicut, yeah, I think so too. I wanted to give out in a compact form information that hits hard on the reasons behind music success stories. The media makes it look so easy when it is the opposite. And I totally agree with you, it is a great article. Thanks for the comment.