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Saturday, August 18, 2007

American Idol: The Search for Talent Begins

Well, well, their having auditions, American Idol, that is. The team - Paula, Simon and the rest - are at it again, looking forward to a new season. What new spectacle will they present to the world next? What untalented specimens will they usher onto the national stage - make that world stage - this time. Their holding auditions throughout the country and I haven’t even thought of trying out. Why? Do I not feel I could be chosen? No, that isn’t it. I just don’t see myself associated with a show that showcases theatrics instead of musical talent, something I possess in abundance.

American Idol is for those singers bordering on comedy and illusion. It’s for people who are under the illusion that they are real singers. It is obvious to me that these contestants don’t really hear themselves. How else could a person put themselves before a world audience and make a fool of themselves. Can’t they hear themselves? Can’t they see the true angle of American Idol: humiliation and comedy, not singing ability. The national, as well as, the international community feeds on drama and comedic behavior. The media knows this and caters to the need in us to see others make clowns of themselves. We simply love it, as long as it isn’t us being the clown.

You might think from my words that I’m not a fan of American Idol. Well, I don’t hate the show, I just see it as a circus, with humans as the acts instead of animals. I don’t enjoy seeing talentless singers acting like they are talented singers. I feel Prince was right in the way he treated the show - for he certainly didn’t fit in with the unreality of the show. Prince has talent, real talent, and he only appeared on the show for business purposes; years ago he would have refused to appear on the show. So those are my thoughts on American Idol. They find talent alright - it’s just not singing talent.

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Bonez said...

I must say that I fully agree with you assessment of the horrible show. I am baffled as to why so many people even find it entertaining. I also have a bit of a problem that such shows send a message to our young people that you have to become a famous singer or performer in order to be popular or successful.