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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Survey Sites are Scam Sites

The only people making money doing surveys, are the people offering them: the survey sites themselves and those who get paid when you use their site to find survey sites. The loser is always you - the uninformed survey-taker. I have personally taken surveys only to get scammed and receive no money. There are people out there recruiting for the survey sites - beware, they’re part of the scam. These recruiters know you’ll make close to nothing participating in their scam; but they want your money or the money they will make from referring you, so be warned.

Surveys are the best way to really know the public’s opinion on products. But finding a legit website that offers genuine surveys, along with compensation for your time, is like finding the needle in the haystack. There is just too much money to be made in abusing the public’s trust. These evil survey sites care nothing for you and me and treat us like game for the hunt. The scam survey outfits could care less about providing the companies they work for valuable information about their products. They cheat their clients along with us - their not prejudice - money is their only objective. Now let me tell you about your friend next door - the one with that pretty little, innocent website, who told you to join some survey site through him or her. That person is a “recruiter”, everytime he or she gets someone to join a survey site, they earn a buck or two. They’re not trying to help you, they're only out for themselves. Too bad you fell for the scam - you’ll be alright, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes friends are not friends.

Some of you might feel I’m being a little hard on these sweet little survey sites, so let me tell you how they operate. First, they have you create an account. Then they proceed to spam the email address you sign up with to death - it’s something you have to experience - you won’t believe your internet eyes. Next, you will be directed to one of their bullsh**t web torture chambers: a website with numerous worthless surveys and offers. If you knew what was in store you’d run for your life. But instead, like me, you proceed to waste your time taking worthless survey after worthless survey. To earn any real money, you would have to take a million of these worthless surveys, because what they pay is less than what an elephant gets in peanuts. No, there’s more - check this one out - most of the surveys that pay anything require you to reveal your credit card number, and sometimes they even want your social security number. After all this, you will still find that you receive very little for your efforts, and many times you will receive absolutely nothing. Okay, do you still feel I’m being too hard on the internet survey sites? I’m glad I opened your eyes - I saved another one.

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