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Friday, August 24, 2007

Jordin Sparks Signs With Jive!!

Jordin Sparks just signed with Jive Records. Well, that’s the goal: get on American Idol, get seen and get a record contract. Mission complete. Jordin now you get to do what you always wanted to do: sing for a living. What she has accomplished is what every single contestant on that show dreams about. Don’t hate me Jordin, but I can do without your singing - but that face is to die for. So, you do have some value - pretty faces come a dime a dozen only in the modeling and entertainment business. You are a nice, attractive-looking female, so even if your singing isn’t all that - that face makes up for it to an extent. Value is value.

Jive, Epic, MCA and all the other record companies look at the money first - musical skills second. Their prime objective is to sell records anyway they can, and good looks fit right in to their marketing strategy. Miss Sparks certainly has the look thing going, and that may be enough to propel her into superstardom. As I write this article, I see her pretty face in my minds eye. She got a look that catches the eye. Their talking(haters) about her weight; but it’s barely noticed, because babygirl is so fine above the neck. Oh yeah, before I forget - has anyone seen that beauty on that other American Idol clone, on that other competing network? She could be Jordin Sparks’ sister - no kidding. Another pretty thing testing the formula. Sex sells.

Now, the results this type of activity has on the recording industry is far reaching, it’s one of the primary reasons we have so much mediocre music on our airwaves. It’s not new to this era, no...., you could go back to the 40s and 50s and find worthless music. The generations all have the talented and the untalented. Just because a person can’t sing, that doesn’t mean he won’t make it in the record business - their are many examples of this - you know who they are. Yes, they can’t or couldn’t sing but they sell or sold millions of records. Some of these people are not attractive, so they had to be marketed in a different fashion from a Britney Spears or a Jordin Sparks. But pretty faces and pretty bodies are the most sought after components in the of maketing an average singer. Jordin Sparks is a shoe-in for sex appeal marketing - she has the “look”. Oh, how I love a pretty face.

Jordin, baby, I’ll be watching and even listening for you. Maybe you will surprise me and create an awesome album. You might get into the studio with a producer that will transform your sound, and bring out talent I just don’t hear yet. The types do exist in the music industry - getting them to work with you can be a challenge, though. I’ll be watching Jordin, so do your thing.

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