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Monday, August 6, 2007


The words personal development have become quite popular these days. Yes, it along with self-improvement and self-growth seem to be on everyone’s lips. But what do we really know about these words - do we really understand their true meaning? Do we truly live up to them? Can we live up to them? My belief is - and from what I see and experience everyday, is that we don’t truly do what these terms imply, we simply talk about changing our lives. Taking the actions that would transform our lives never occur. And we never look at this obvious fact either.

What is needed is a plan, a strategy we can apply to our normal unawareness and usual half-willed actions. There are means we can apply that will improve our lives right now, but we in our usual unattentive ways don’t even consider to use them. So, a well-crafted plan of action is a very real need, this plan must produce real results that will give us incentive to keep to it. Pay close attention to the things I am about to say to you. Make a committed and honest attempt to apply this so valuable plan of action:

First, you must look at your desire to change. Are you ready to change yourself to a better way of living? Are you doing this for yourself, or are you only attempting it for someone else? Are you willing to stick with this personal development plan until you acheive results? If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you my friend, are aready halfway through to a better, more fulfilling existence.

Next step, what are your surroundings like? Are there apparent hindrances in your immediate environment? If there are, you are going to have to conquer them, and or block them from interfering with your decision for a better life. There are sure to be hindrances from people - even friends and family - yes, even family. So, be warned, and be prepared for this. In fact, people are usually the main challenges for any person implementing a self-improvement program. With all that said, lets continue with the matter of self-growth in our lives, and making the changes that will improve our minds and bodies.

Tell me something: when it’s dark and rainy outside, do you feel sad and gloomy? Sure, it’s considered normal behavior to allow the outside world to influence our life experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We as humans have a more developed mental capacity, we can control the way the outside world effects our mind and thought process. Controlling our minds is like trying to lift an elephant - it’s not going to be easy to transform your negative thought into positive thought. Just remember your plan for personal development, and that, that thought is pure positive force. The single thought of your pledge to yourself to better your life will give you unbelievable strength to destroy much of the life-stealing thought that will attack your mind night and day. You have entered a battle that most people don’t even know of or are willing to engage in. Making a more enjoyable existence require all of our power and will. With this determination you can succeed, so keep your mind and heart on the goal: personal development.

Now, once you become accustomed to blocking out, and transforming the bad effects of negative events in your life. You will start observing the benefits, your life will seem to have become more tolerable, more pleasurable. The negative events in your life will now flow in and out of your life with much less ability to affect your mind - you will have more enjoyment. Life will be shining it’s love on you. This is your reward for refusing to allow negative surroundings and circumstances from robbing your existence of vitality. Life rewards those who try to improve their mind and bodies. Try it and see.

No more can be said really, I have revealed the plan of action. You must do what I have specified - follow the words completely - and you will get wonderful, life-changing results. Once again, perform the tasks, don’t just read the plan, do the actions. Only in the doing will you see the results that personal development can bring. Self-improvement is not something you look at - it’s something you become - or rather, it becomes you. Don’t allow your lower impulses to win this time, stand up to them. Stand strong, tell them this time you are going to win, and destroy them and succeed in changing your life. The negative is very strong in the life of man but it can be defeated. We can beat it with a willpower that can stand up to it. This is the secret. Go ahead and make your life into a beautiful flower - I’ll be here cheering for you.

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