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Friday, August 10, 2007

Google is sending visitors to my blog

Google is starting to gain my favor. The big giant is beginning to warm to my blog - finally I have been accepted as a friend. I’ve been rejoicing over my new stats now that the gaint is sending me visitors. As I have often said, you must work with Google, no matter what other methods you use - Google will always be a necessary ally in your website marketing plan. It is simply too powerful to live without.

My point has always been that we as site owners should always try and lessen Google’s control over or our internet existence, I have never said that we should live without it. That is a wonderful idea, but one that is in reality a dream, Web 2.0, backlinks and the rest ofthe techniques available for promotion of websites are powerful, but most of us aren’t skilled enough in these methods to produce results that can rival what we get from the search engines - esp. Google, the king of search engines. So, use the other site promotion techniques, but always remember to try and get along with the search giant. the rewards will be great if you can gain the love of this gaint. The plan is to use other effective traffic generation methods, but never forget about Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines. Do this and you will soon have your very own piece of the world-wide web.

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