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Thursday, October 4, 2007

How To Have More Love

People wake up everyday wanting to be loved. They wonder why they can’t find the door to true love. Love that won’t fade, love that keeps you warm inside, love that keeps a smile on your face. This kind of love is hard to find and we rarely experience it. The reason being it takes some love to make love, just like it takes gold to make gold.

Love feels so good we can’t describe it.. Having once experienced love, you want more, more and more but always it leaves us, leaving only a mere inkling of itself. We often say we love our family, our friends, our dog or cat but more often than not, we are only parroting the word, not really feelng what it implies. Love is the most unique and unfathomable quality in the world. Everybody wants it but nobody gives it. We all need to nurture and hone our ability to receive and attract the love. If this is done properly, the reward will be a happier, more love-filled existence.

There are ways to attract the energy of love, and they require nothing of you but time and effort. They will require a definite change in your mind structure, your way of thinkig has to change for your life to improve . Only then will more love come into you experience. You’re going to have to remove dark, unhealthy thought energy so it can be replaced with wholesome, llife-giving thought patterns. Below are steps that have been tested and are sure to bring more love into your life:

1. When being intimate with your partner, remember to kiss
2. Consider the feelings of others.
3. Begin your day with a positive attitude.
4. Smile at someone.

Yes, these seem to be quite easy tasks, but try them and you will see they are far from easy to sustain. You’ll be able to do them for a short time and only for that shoert time. Mankind has developed a deficientcy in the pleasant qualities of his being and can no longer communicate in a harmonious way with his surroundinds, esp. with people. This is a fact that we as a whole prove every day in our interactions with one another. The above plan of action must be applied constantly to show an effect and be a force in your personal development. If these actions a held to, love will be the reward - lightly at first, but a momentum will have been established and your heart will begain to soften. Love will finally have a place to reside in you. Do the task and love will accomplish the rest.

I would love to hear about the results you achieve. Leave a comment.

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