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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Etsy, Etsy, As In Esty.com - Art and Crafts For Everyone

You guy got something to sell, you guys tired of Ebay....well then...I got a little secret to tell you. The secret is a place called “Etsy.com", click, but it is becoming less and less of a secret, this wonderful world of art, jewelry, and crafts is becoming more and more the place to buy and sell handmade creations. I found out about this worldwide marketplace by through my constant internet surfing and I think I found a good website this time. It is a really nice site.This website is being called “the upscale Ebay”, and you will find some nice artwork, some excitng craft pieces, some amazing jewelry, hip clothing and some of everythhing else.

I’m a real big fan of this site because yours’ truly has an account on Etsy.com and he is selling painitngs, framed art prints, portraits, my “Glenda The Angel” products and more - go take a looK. Etsy is giving every artistic, creative person an outlet to present their works for sale and buyers a way to purchase some unique items, Etsy.com is a great opportunity for sellers and buyers alike. I’m heading over there now...why don’t you follow me?


Anonymous said...

Etsy is a great place for lovely crafts. Good luck with your sales on there.
Steve :-)

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Ah, steve, thanks so much, that means alot and i'm giving the site a good trial, so I will see how well it works for me. Thank you again for the kind words.