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Monday, February 2, 2009

America: Bad Economy, Macy’s Down But Let’s Be Strong

Wow...this economy is really...I mean really in a bad, bad shape...and it’s only getting worse. And have you noticed? Gas prices are beginning to once again climb up the charts. Folks, tell me, how much more of this can we take?... Well, me? I just bought a one-way ticket to Mexico and I’m out of here(ha...ha...hah...), okay, I just lied...I’m going to sweat this thing out with the rest of my fellow citizens. But , fa real...America is in a very bad place right about now.

Just today, Macy’s cut thousands, 7,000 in fact, jobs, yes, “America’s Department Store”, that famed dealer in clothes, household goods, and the rest - is slashing jobs. This news is very important because being a well known destination for shoppers, Macy’s troubles give a clear indication of the buying patterns of a large section of American retail shoppers. Being around so many, many years, Macy’s is a favored and trusted retailer, so, their inability to procure sales is certainly big news and a good indication of America’s economic health. Many people will patronize Macy’s even if they fail to buy at other retail establishments.

Even with this sour economy, we can grow...things are horrible but we can use this same weak economy to straighten out our ways; behaviors when dealing with these discomforting issues in our lives. In order to strengthen a muscle in our body, we must engage it in struggle or resistance, this resistance(usually asome type of weight) calls out new force; new energy from that muscle. This new energy, this extra effort infuses the muscle, causing it to develop and become stronger and it increases its ability to accomplish the task it seeks to fulfill(in this case, mental empowerment). Yes...we can become more able; more up to the meeting life’s challenges by strengthening our mental abilties and transmuting our negative circumstances, transforming them into more agreeable events. A bad economy doesn’t have to destroy us and turn us into down-trodden pessimists.

At this time in United States, we are going through a rough phase, we even hear the word “Depression” coming up, but we can allow our lower parts to destroy what light we still have in us. The economy is in abad shape but we can and will survive....this I truly believe. This United States of America is a fighter, we take our hits but remain strong to see another day. We will make it... We will make it!!!

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