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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton Protests Mr. Madoff, The Ponzi Scheme Master

The Rev. Al Sharpton is at it once more, the brother is always in the forefront fighting for everyone’s civil rights. Now...yes, he does have his enemies but this brother remains a real fighter out there in this sometimes unjust nation. His detractors are usually biased, one-sided selfish minded individuals...willing to stomp on other’s civil rights. But Rev. Al Sharpton is never faded and takes all this unfair criticism as so much mindless speech...he’s a brave black man, talk doesn’t bother him, he has more important things to accomplish than worry about haters.

Right now, as I write this, the Rev. Al Sharpton is protesting the lavish treatment of that thief and Ponzi scheme genius, Bernard Madoff, questioning how he gets to stay out of prison and the rest of us go straight to jail. Mr. Bernard Madoff is a criminal, and a big one at that...how in this United States? How in this world can such an unjust person be out on the streets like he did nothing wrong? Oh...could it be his tax bracket?...Could it be his complexion? Hummm...hummmm...

Well, whatever, Mr Madoff, Mr. Ponzi scheme...while you lounge in you upscale penthouse - the Rev. Al Sharpton will be marching and demanding an explanation on how you get to do this. Mr. Bernard Madoff, I am sure you will be able to handle this uproar - you have a heart of steel.

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