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Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Artists Hate Marketing!!!

Being an artist, I really hate marketing sometimes, yes, we creatives have to do it too - we’re businessmen, too. But let me tell ya....sometimes...sometimes I just hate the idea of marketing, it is so time consuming. It definitely takes me out of my artistic mode, makes me feel alittle numb, or should I say, alittle too left-brained? Puts me in a mood similar to an accountant, you know. And that is death to an artist, that is totally alien to our nature....sometimes I just wanna cut off my ear(yeah, in reference to that painter guy).

Well...I just wanted to drop this tidbit on you guys, I been marketing my art and music so much lately I had to talk about it. An artist can get extremely annoyed by business dealings, at least this one can. Well, back to “Artland”, the place I love so much.

Here is a new piece of artwork I finished recently:

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