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Monday, March 2, 2009

Rihanna: Chris Brown Can't Love You!

I heard it, I damn near fell out but it was true, Rihanna was attacked by loverboy extrordinaire, Mr. Enforcer, Chris Brown. What kind of gentleman is this Chris Brown? What kind of gentle, loving man would beat on a woman? I think Rihanna needs to be talked to...babygurl is playing with fire to be with Chris Brown again. We all want companionship, but Rihanna, baby, a companion that beats you ain't a companion - that is a danger. You got away this time...count your blessings, Chris Brown's got them problems. Rihanna, he may hurt you worse next time. Think!!!... Think!!!... Think!!!!

And you, Mr. Chris Brown...what can I say? You can't fade what you did to Rihanna, you definitely need counseling, expert counseling. Damn!!! We men already got a bad rap, now here you come along and add to the baggage. Thank you so very much, Chris Brown. Ladies...most men don't hurt women, we will never hit you. Rihanna, you better respect yourself more, darlin', and look for a REAL love, Chris Brown can't possibly love you and hit and beat you like that. Be strong Rihanna, seek love elsewhere, we REAL men are out here...don't settle for less.

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