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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

America, Halloween Is Coming!

Time for the ghouls, the goblins(esp. the little goblins), the witches and the rest to have some fun. Yes, Halloween can be quite the joyous occasion. I can remember trolling around the neighborhood streets with my friends searching for that golden treasure - Halloween candy - the stuff that makes Halloween such a special day for children. Yeah, those were the days!

Also, those were the early years when I didn’t have a care for the world; all was good, play, eat...then play some more. In those days one can really enjoy the holidays to their fullest - even Halloween - the strangest holiday of all. But now that I’m older, more mature, tackling the world, Halloween isn't the big show it used to be. It now, at times, reminds me of the horrific, and scary times we all face in this nation. People, Halloween seems to remind me of the terrifying, gloomy economy we Americans find ourselves in. Things are real scary right about now, the witches and ghouls are having their way with the American economy. And that fact tries to frighten the mess out of me.

Look at this: “Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson are struggling mightily to stabilize credit markets...” I read this somewhere recently. Ah man, ain’t that a terrifying bit of news? The monsters are winning folks...better go to plan B...Halloween has moved out of the virtual realm. We need change and change SOON - this country is in shambles... See what I had to say about all of this chaos months ago: Federal Reserve Chairman, Mr. Bernanke, On US Economy. Halloween lasting this long? Please!~!!!

Alright, not the one to scare the kids without a solution. Here is a solution to help us through these dark times, so we can enjoy this Halloween, and even use it for personal development and self-growth: The Halloween Method. We have to grow up and face the ambassordores of doom with the light of HOPE. Yes, be positive fellow Americans, it will help us through these tough times.

So, did I mess up Halloween for ya? Well, I hope I made it more thrilling, I brought out the underlying thoughts we all are thinking these days. I just wanted to bring attention to how subtle thoughts can be while still having force enough to negatively impact us. Go out everyone and enjoy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

I love Halloween and I can't wait for it to get here.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

yeah aubree, Halloween is fun but it does make you think - we have REAL goblins inside and outside our selves.

leonbasin said...

Brilliant post..! I too prefer Halloween